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Steps which can be helpful for getting a scholarship and a university acceptence

Posted by arrone on March 24, 2011

Get the scholarship forms (Supplementary Grant Program for Asia and Prospect Burma and some other small grants) from or drop a comment on this blog that you want the scholarship forms, attached with your email address

– Fill in the form, and you need to write the essays on given the topics in the form (Autobiography, Future Plan, and Your Country for SGPA and Autobiography and Future Plan for Prospect Burma or very similar essays for other scholarship like Arohana, Horizon, Child Dream and some others)

– Get some recommendations letters at least two from your organization you have been working for or from the ones with credit such as leading persons of the organizations or a school teacher- those persons or organizations must know you well

– Apply for the University, most of the application forms are accepted on line; before you apply for a university, please think carefully which subjects you want to study and which university you want to apply for and more importantly in which countries you want to do your study ( as far as I know, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Cambodia, Bangladesh, India will be the countries of your choices)

– If you have no idea where to apply and how to apply, please contact this email The email holder will answer your questions and concerns its best.
– Send the scholarship application forms to with your all qualifications that you think will be supportive for the scholarship consideration

I hope these above information will help you get the scholarship and the university acceptance. If you have further questions concerning the university and the scholarship staff, please contact .


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A Party

Posted by arrone on March 15, 2011

                A Party

Cheers! An Opening Party it was

A stream of the flashbacks, in missing

Happiness getting over the whole misery day was

Families, Life, Aims, touring the topics we were

The talks here and there under dark cover with the flash lights

A sharp sound of touching the glasses, thousands times were

A feeling of missing home in the red deep thing of us

“Let me go home” became our rhythm of the party

In that little dirty table, fresh and clear mind of us

“See ya” in vague sounds, in the name of our god’ faults

Heading to our little guest-house, but with a feeling of unsatisfied

Empty in the sound of talk, though a full of thoughts

Flowing the thoughts, insects singing accompanied by

In the little room I call my home

A try for the subjects I love, a try after the party I enjoy.

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ေက်ာက္ေတာ္က ထိုးႀကိတ္မွဳ ျဖစ္စိုင္

Posted by arrone on March 15, 2011

ေက်ာက္ေတာ္မွာ ၿမိဳ႕တြင္းကို စစ္သားတိက ၀င္ၿပီးေက နက္ေတအတြက္ လူ ၅ ေယာက္ေလာက္ ဒဏ္ရာ ရၿပီးေက ၂ ေယာက္ ဆတ္လိုင္ တင္လိုက္ရေရ လို႔ သိရေရ။ မတ္လ ရ ရက္နိန္႔ လို႔ နိရဥၹရာ သတင္းက ဆိုေရ။
ျဖစ္ကတ္ေစာ္ က စစ္သားတိ ေပ်ာ္ပါးယင္းနန္႔ နယ္ခံၿမိဳ႕ခံတိ နန္႔ ျပႆနာ တက္ကတ္ေတလို႔ သိရယင့္။ ရခိုင္ျပည္မွာ တာ၀န္ က်ေရ စစ္သားဆိုေစာ္ အားေက ကာရာအိုေကဆို၊ မမလိုက္စား။ ဗိုက်စိုးမိုးနိန္ ကတ္ေစာ္ မနားခ်င့္။
အရာ ျဖစ္ရေစာ္ကေလ့ ျပႆနာ ျဖစ္ေတ လူကို လိုက္သတ္ ေစာ္မ်ိဳး မဟုတ္ပဲနန္႔  ရေရ လူကို ေကာက္နက္ေတ ဒဇိုင္း ခ်ိဳးေရ။ ဒ႐ိုင္ဘာ၊ စေပယာ တိ ခံလိုက္ကတ္ရေရ လတ္။ လူမ်ိဳးေရး အရေလ့ ေစာ္ကားလာေရ ေျပာေရ။
စစ္သားဆိုေစာ္ ျမန္မာျပည္တစ္၀ွမ္းမွာ ဗိုက်စိုးမိုးနိန္ေစာ္ ျဖစ္တာေလ့၊ ဗဟုိနန္႔၀ီးေရ နယ္ပိုင္းတိမွာ ကေကာင္း ဆိုး၀ါးေရ။ ဗမာစကားေျပာေကပင္ စစ္သားလား၊ အရာရွိလား ေၾကာက္နိန္ကတ္ရေရ ဘ၀ကို ရခိုင္ျပည္သားတိ က်ေရာက္နိန္ေရ။
နယ္မွာ ဟိမ့္ေရ ရခိုင္သား ဆိုေစာ္ ကေလ့ မသိနားမလည္ေက ပိုေတာင္ ေျခာက္လို႔ ေကာင္းနိ္န္ေရ ။ေတာ္ပါ သိမ့္ယင့္၊ သတ္ၿပီးပုတ္ၿပီး ထိုးၿပီး နက္ၿပီးခါ ေဖ့သာ ႏွစ္ေသာင္းစီ ပီးေရ ဆို၀ါ။ ယပိုင္လုပ္လို႔ ရဖို႔ဆိုေက ပါးသတ္ေဖသာပီး ခစ္ ကိုေရာက္လားပါဗ်ာယ္လာ မသိ။ ေၾကာက္ဖို႔ေကာင္းပါေရ။ စကခ ၉ က စစ္သားတိ လို႔ ဆိုေရ။
ေဒပိုင္ အႏိုင္က်င့္ ေစာ္ကားေစာ္တိကို ဇာပိုင္ပင္ တားဆီးႏိုင္ကတ္ပါဖို႔ခ်င့္။ ဟုတ္ပါယင့္၊ ဗမာတိကို ရခိုင္ျပည္က ေမာင္းထုတ္ႏိုင္ဗ်ာယ္ ဆိုေရ တစ္နိန္႔မွာကေတာ့ခါ ေဒျပႆနာမ်ိဳး ဟိမ့္ပါဖို႔ မဟုတ္ဗ်ာယ္။ ယေကေလ့ လက္ဟိမ့္မွာ ေဒပိုင္ ျဖစ္ရပ္ တိ မျဖစ္ပြား ႏိုင္အာင္ ဇာပိုင္လုပ္ဖို႔လဲ၊ ဇာပိုင္ တားဆီးကတ္ဖို႔ေလး ၀ိုင္း၀န္း စိုင္းစားကတ္ရဖို႔ ျဖစ္နိန္ပါေရ။ အာဏာရွင္စစ္ဗိုလ္တိကို အစိုးရက လုပ္ခ်င္တိုင္း လုပ္ခြင့္ပီးထားလာ။  မေျပာတတ္ပါဗ်ာယ္။

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A Vague Conflict

Posted by arrone on January 4, 2010

From a chance of looking around Arakan politics, a question is stimulating me to overview current situation of Arakan politics “Why Arakanese people have different kinds of groups around the world conflicting among them”. Some groups believe to have our own sovereignty which can be only fulfilled by fighting with arms. Some groups, in contrary, think that we Arakanese should firstly strengthen civil society and participate in Burmese politics (non-violently) – some other groups can exist with part of non-violence and violence. It would be too early if says which groups are on the right track.

When I ask a question to a person who has a belief of revolution violently “What is the purpose of your violent revolution”, he simply said that we need an army to identify a nation of Arakanese. Well then, which are points of view of persons who have non-violence belief? A lot of answers come up- first we can’t separate Burmese politics and Arakanese politics currently or historically and secondly international forces are favoring non-violence movements and thirdly non-violence is a right common track for fighting an incomparable force and still a lot of reasons for sticking with non-violence way.

Personally, I believe that whatever ways we use, we are putting efforts for achieving the success of Arakanese. Here we have a common interest-we want to see a bright future of Arakan. Then, why can’t we have a co-operation between us rather than fighting among us. It is good to have arguments between Arakanese which is helpful to have a concrete foundation of democratic institution but not fighting. While we have just about two and half millions population, it is not a relievable force to represent that amount of population with two hundreds different kinds of groups which have no interrelation between them.

It is so sorrowful to hear the news about breaking up between Arakanese groups. I happened to read an article which is about that we should imitate Jewish people so that we can have a powerful country like Israel. As far as I know about the history of building a Jewish country, though there were different ideas and views between Jewish people, most of Jews were organized under David Ben-Gurion’s lead. There was no history of getting freedom without unity. It is understandable to have different groups as we have different beliefs. However, we can have a strong force to bring Arakan a shiny future by having a co-operation among the Arakanese groups.

by Raung Ne Oo

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Corner People

Posted by arrone on November 26, 2009

The worst poverty in the world
The worst discrimination in the world
While people thinking about Global Warming
Corner people thinking how to survive
Corner people struggling one day by one day
While people living in the rocket age
Corner people walking miles to miles for one day survive
Corner people surprising whenever a plane is flying
While people thinking about living on other planets
Corner people crying to get a four feet square area
Corner people watering their blood for a four feet squares area
While people thinking about homosexual marriage
Corner people giving their lives for saving their children
Corner people growing never ever seeing their parents
While people thinking about which food is the best in the world
Corner people running thousand miles to get a few rice
Corner people dying lack of food and water
While people thinking about legalization of prostitution
Corner people not knowing what is the law
Corner people never seeing decided by a just justice
Corner people are not people!
Corner people are not from this world!
I would wonder…………

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Attack on Narinjara?

Posted by arrone on November 15, 2009

by David Bencake

I remember one time when all opposition media reported the death of General Than Shwe following the first-hand news from BBC Burmese Radio. It turned out that the news was a piece of rumour, to the dismay of all people of Burma.

I think that the Burmese opposition media is still improving towards professionalism. It is on the way to perfection, not yet, not just yet. It is amazing to see, however, how they have struggled and have sometimes bounced up and down to evolve from the ashes. Whatever the case, I think that the opposition media is the only voice to counter or at least launch aggressive offence on the legitimacy-seeking Burmese military government.

I have tested writing negative comments on articles from Irrawaddy online magazine and they did not appear on the pages at all. The gatekeepers just deleted them. It is sad to see that these media do not accept opposing views amidst the cloud of democratic values they recited. Again, let’s just argue they are still evolving.

I believe that it is the inherent right of an individual to criticize (unless attack) whatever it is – the government or the media themselves.



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Welcome to the news about UNHCR recognizing 34 Freedom Fighters as refugees

Posted by arrone on November 13, 2009

by George Mead

Amid the confusion that lingered around when we received a letter from an Arakanese activist about UNHCR’s alleged maltreatment on Arakanese refugees, a piece of good news suddenly appeared in Narinjara news agency, which might serve as a redeeming feature of the previous bad image that unfornately surrounded UNHCR among the Arakanese society.

The news says that UNHCR recognizes 34 Arakanese and Karen freedom fighters as refugees who are jailed at Kolkata. It also seems that Arakan National Council and its official from foreign affairs department, U Nyi Nyi Lwon, were trying hard to help them settle in a third country. This news indeed is very cheering. Please read the orignial news from Narinjara.

ကာလကတၱား အက်ဥ္းေထာင္ရွိ ရခိုင္ကရင္ ၃၄ ဦးကို ကုလ မဟာမင္းၾကီးရံုးက ဒုကၡသည္္ အျဖစ္ အသိမွတ္ျပဳ


ေမာင္ေအး(နိရဥၥရာ) အိႏၵိယႏိုင္ငံ ကာလကၱား အက်ဥ္းေထာင္တြင္ အက်ဥ္းက်ခံေနရသည့္ ရခိုင္ကရင္ ၃၄ ဦးကို အိႏၵိယအေျခစိုက္ ဒုကၡသည္မ်ားဆိုင္ရာမဟာမင္းၾကီးရံုးမွ ဒုကၡသည္အျဖစ္ အသိမွတ္ျပဳလိုက္ ျပီျဖစ္ေၾကာင္း သတင္း ရရွိသည္။

သူတို႕၃၄ ဦးကိုလြန္ခဲ့သည့္တနလၤာေန႕က အိႏၵိယႏိုင္ငံရွိ ဒုကၡသည္မ်ားဆိုင္ရာ ကုလသမဂၢ မ်ားရံုးမွ ဒုကၡသည္အျဖစ္ အသိမွတ္ျပဳလုိက္ျခင္းျဖစ္ေၾကာင္ ရခိုင္အမိ်ဳးသားေကာင္စီ ႏိုင္ငံျခားေရးဌာနမွ တာ၀န္ရွိသူ တဦးျဖစ္သည့္ ဦးညီညီလြင္က ေျပာသည္။

“တကယ္လို႕ သူတို႕လြတ္လာရင္အေျခတက်ေနထုိင္ဖို႕အတြက္ ဥေရာပႏိုင္ငံသံုး ႏိုင္ငံက အစိုးရေတြကို ခ်ဥ္းကပ္ထားပါတယ္။သူတို႕လည္း သာမန္အားျဖင့္ သေဘာတူထားတယ္။ ဒါေပမဲ့ စာရြက္ စာတန္းေတြနဲ႕ အတိအက်လုပ္ ထားတာေတာ့ မရွိေသးဘူး။” ဟုေျပာသည္။

ရခိုင္အမ်ိဳးသားေကာင္စီ ေအအန္စီ ဒုဥကၠဌဦေမာင္လူၾကီးကလည္းအက်ဥ္းက်ခံေနရသည့္ရဲ ေဘာ္မ်ားအေျခအေနမွာ ပိုမိုအလားအလာေကာင္းေၾကာင္းကို ယခုကဲ့သို႕ေျပာသည္။

“အယင္ကထက္ပိုျပီး အလားအလာ ေကာင္းပါတယ္။ ယူအန္ကလည္းအသိ အမွတ္ျပဳလိုက္ျပီ ဆိုေတာ့ အိႏၵိယ အစိုးရကလည္း နအဖကိုလြဲေပးဖို႕ ဆိုတာ သိပ္မလြယ္ေတာ့ဘူး။ ေနာက္တခု တရားလိုေတြ ဘက္ကလည္း ရံုးခ်ိန္းတိုင္းမွာ သက္ေသလာတာကိုမေတြ႕ရပါဘူး။ ေနာက္ျပီး ခိုင္လံုတဲ့ အေထာက္အထားေတြလည္း သူတို႕မျပႏိုင္ၾကပါဘူး။ ဒါေၾကာင့္ ကၽြန္ေတာ္တို႕ရဲ ေဘာ္ေတြ မၾကာမီ လြတ္လိမ့္မယ္လို႕ ေမ်ာ္လင္းပါတယ္။”ဟုေျပာသည္။

ယေန႕တြင္ သူတို႕ ၃၄ ဦးကို ရံုးတင္စစ္ေဆးေနျပီး စစ္ေဆးရာရံုးေတာ္သို႕ သတင္းေထာက္ မ်ား စာနယ္ဇင္းသမားမ်ားကို အစိုးရမွတက္ေရာက္ခြင့္မျပဳေၾကာင္း အိႏၵိယႏိုင္ငံထုတ္ သတင္းစာတေစာင္ တြင္ေရးသားသည္။

အဆိုပါ ရခိုင္ကရင္ရဲေဘာ္ ၃၄ ဦးမွာ ယခုရင္ဆုိင္ေနရသည့္ အမႈမွလံုး၀လြတ္ေျမာက္ရန္ ေနာက္ထပ္ရံုး ခ်ိန္အနည္းဆံုး ၂ ၾကိမ္ သို႕မဟုတ္ ၃ ၾကိမ္ခန္႕ၾကာႏိုင္ေသးေၾကာင္းလည္း ဦးေမာင္လူၾကီးမွ ဆက္ေျပာသည္။

ယခုအက်ဥ္းက်ခံေနရသည့္ ရခိုင္ကရင္ ၃၄ ဦးကို ၁၉၉၈ ခုႏွစ္က အန္ဒမန္ကၽြန္းအနီး လန္ေဖာ့ကၽြန္းတြင္ အိႏၵိယစစ္တပ္္မွ ေရတပ္စခန္းေဆာက္ေပးမည္ဟု လိမ္လည္ေခၚယူျပီးေနာက္ ဖမ္းဆီးခံခဲ့ရျခင္း ျဖစ္သည္။

သူတို႕အား ဦးေဆာင္ခဲ့သည့္ ဗိုလ္ရာဇာ၊ ဗိုလ္မွဴး ေစာထြန္း၊ ဗိုလ္မွဴး ရန္နိုင္ ႏွင့္အျခား ေခါင္းေဆာင္ ၃ ဦးကို အိႏၵိယ စစ္တပ္မွ ေသြးေအးေအးျဖင့္ သတ္ျဖတ္ပစ္ခဲ့သည္။

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Incumbent Arakanese Political Leader, U Aye thar Aung

Posted by arrone on November 12, 2009

by Peter Smith

We Arakanese do not usually recognize the legitimacy of Arakanese political leaders who are alive. I think that this is a fundamental fault in the political thinking of the whole Arakanese people.  We only give special credits to deceased political leaders, which is also wrong. However, I have to say that there are some Arakanese political leaders who are still living and deserve special recognition from our own Arakanese people.  One of them would be U Aye Thar Aung who has devoted his life for the Arakanese people. He has spoken on behalf of Arakanese political body and he truely loves Arakan. Here in the below section, we will see the exclusive interview of U Aye Thar Aung by Irrawaddy magazine. I think that he stands in the right political position. I have personally heard from some renowned Burmese politicians that U Aye Thar Aung is very decisive and always stands in the right position.

First the Constitution, then the Election

The 2008 Constitution has no provision for establishing democracy, nor does it enhance the rights of ethnic nationalities, says Aye Thar Aung

Aye Thar Aung, 64, was the secretary of the Arakan League for Democracy, which won 11 parliamentary seats in Arakan State in the 1990 election in Burma but was disbanded by the military government in 1992. He is secretary of the Committee Representing the People’s Parliament, formed in 1998 by the National League for Democracy (NLD) and other parties that won seats in the 1990 election.


Question: What are your views on the upcoming election to be held in accordance with the new Constitution?

Answer: We believe the election will be held in 2010 to legitimize the 2008 Constitution and cement the junta’s administrative power, but it will not solve the country’s problems. The election cannot set the stage for a transition to democracy because of the 2008 Constitution, so it is essential to talk about the Constitution first.

The Constitution has no provision for establishing democracy, nor does it enhance the rights of ethnic nationalities, and it guarantees military domination of the government. Parties like the Shan Nationalities League for Democracy, the Mon National Democratic Front and the Zomi National Congress that won in the 1990 election have already announced they will not contest the election unless there is a review of the Constitution. Likewise, the NLD said in the Shwegondaing Declaration that a review of the Constitution is a necessary precondition for participation.

Q: Do you think the 2008 Constitution and the demand for ethnic cease-fire groups to transform their militias into border guard forces will bring about the end of the decades-long armed resistance in the ethnic areas?

A: The ethnic cease-fire groups attending the National Convention [which ended in 2007] had the minimum expectation that ethnic birthrights would be given more respect under the new Constitution, and that legislative power would be shared at the central level, but at the state level, states would be given greater autonomy. The demands submitted by all the ethnic groups were rejected without discussion. This is why the ethnic groups are reluctant to relinquish their arms or to let their troops become border guard forces. The new Constitution provides no solutions. If the SPDC were to establish a genuine union in which ethnic states had equal rights in accordance with the Constitution, transforming ethnic militias into state guard forces would be possible.

Q: What are your plans to establish democracy and a genuine union if the military government ignores your demands and carries on with the 2010 election unilaterally?

A: It is neither suitable nor possible to speak on a detailed plan at this time. However, together with other ethnic parties and democratic forces demanding a constitutional review before the election, I can say we are prepared to choose alternatives in the struggle for democracy if the SPDC does not satisfy our demands.

We believe that democracy can come quickly only if all the ethnic nationalities unite and the Constitution is amended.

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Arakanese Refuges in Malaysia whom are discriminated by UNHCR

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by David

I have been extremely sad to read the following letter from an Arakanese activist. I wonder if such an event can really be possible. It is indeed an unacceptable circumstance given the fact that an international organization is involved in the process.

The writer has chosen to write an open letter to a prestigious organization such as UNHCR about its ethical conduct towards various nationalities of present-day Myanmar. The writer, with his sad tone, noted that UNHCR has taken a discriminatory approach towards Arakanese refugees in Malaysia. Amongst other nationalities, Arakanese were left out in recognizing them as refugees who fled their country because of political oppression.

First and foremost, what is the concrete reason given by UNHCR for failing to recognize Arakanese refugees while other nationalites are included in the list?

Second, what kind of justification would be possible in discriminating Arakanese refugees to such an extent that they are alone left out from the list?

As Arakanese students, we see that this kind of treatment on Arakanese is essentially a human right violation against a people. UNHCR is a UN-madated organisation and it should abide by the human rights principles set out by UN human rights regime. Therefore, we strongly urge UNHCR to reconsider and duely correct its discriminitory treatment on Arakanese refuguess who unfortunately have to take refuge in Malaysia.

On behalf of Arakanese university students



Arakanese Refuges in Malaysia whom are discriminated by UNHCR

Date: 11, 08, 2009

Myanmar people are forced to flee Myanmar and refuge in the neighboring Country such as Bangladesh, India, Thailand and Malaysia as Myanmar military regime have been committing gross human right violation and torturing against their own people. Among them, Malaysia becomes a country that most Myanmar people enter and refuge.

A report of military government on 1997 said that there were 135 tribes in Myanmar. Of them, seven indigenous people namely Arakan, Chin, Kachin, Karen, Mon and Shan except Burmar (Bamar) are recognized as ethnic nationalities .And they are granted Statehood without any state power. Military Junta suppresses and torture against all tribes and ethnics in Myanmar equally. In this regards they never discriminate among them. This means that they equally commit oppression against all ethnic and tribes. Hence you never should consider that they commit less suppression against Arakanese and Mon as they are Buddhists like Burman (Bamar). They also attain the equality of human right abuses committed by military regime. That is why all ethnics in Myanmar have to struggle in various ways to be free from the oppression of military regimeIn such a circumstance, UNHCR in Malaysia is discriminating among ethnics from Myanmar, it is learnt. Even notorious Myanmar regime equally commits human right abuse among all tribes. Nevertheless, UNHCR discriminate them. This treatment causes them feel very sad and unhappy. UNHCR in Malaysia recognizes all ethnics but Arakanese as refugees. Why does this happen so? We actually doubt if UNHCR is discriminate among them.

Arakanese are always tortured and persecuted by Military junta like other ethnics. For being Arakanese they never escape from their suppression. The situation becomes worse than before. There were five battalions in Arakan State in 1998. But there have been 57 battalions now. Such a military deployment in Arakan State brings about persecution and torture, forced labor, human right torture, forced labor, human right abuses and racial assimilation.

We fervently appeal you to grant Arakanese people as refugee on account of the reasons mentioned above as well as on the humanitarian attitude as you treat other ethnic from Myanmar.

In addition we are informing that we, worldwide Arakanese will agitate them to take global movement outside their concerned UNHCR offices if you keep on discriminating among refuges from Myanmar.


Yours  sincerely,

Ba khin

Chicago, USA

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